First And Hope trailer, Mada, Appleyard

First And Hope

Check out a trailer of Biran Lotti’s film First And Hope here. Looks amazing.

Mada News

When then they’re not droppin hammers, some of the Mada skate team are busy shooting interviews for FUEL TV. Be on the look for the super exclusive Scott Kane and Matt Allen interviews on Fuel TV. In other MADA news….Droppin everywhere in the Fall 2005, you can catch all the hammers and hi-jinx in MADA’s first ever skate video MEET THE MADA FOCKERS

Mark Appleyard at Copeland Sports in Henderson, Nevada December 11, 2004

Mark Appleyard was there for three hours of signing with no break. It was packed with out of control kids waiting to get their poster, mag, shirt, dollar bill, etc signed. Two kids were chosen from the crowd and they both received a new deck signed by Appleyard. —Cody King