Grind Hits Theatres August 15th, 2003

CARLSBAD, CA – August 8, 2003 – Catch the new comedy that follows four skateboarders chasing a pro tour from park to park, trying to get sponsored. Grind hits theatres nationwide on August 15th.

Grind stars Mike Vogel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Vince Vieluf (Rat Race), Adam Brody (American Pie 2), Joey Kern (Super Troopers) and Jennifer Morrison (Urban Legends: Final Cut). Produced and directed by Casey La Scala. Grind is also produced by Bill Gerber and Hunt Lowry. E.K. Gaylord II and Morgan Stone are the film’s executive producers and the original screenplay is by screenwriter and executive music producer Ralph Sall.

The comedic story of friends in pursuit of their pro-skateboarding dream captured the reality of their lives by incorporating the input of pro skaters. To highlight the skating aspects in the film, producers Gerber, Lowry and La Scala collaborated with 900 Films, the production company owned by Morgan Stone, Matt Goodman and Tony Hawk.

Grind boasts the talent of the last four X-Games Vert Champions: Bob Burnquist, Pierre Luc Gagnon and Bucky Lasek. Skating double for the main characters are renowned pro-skaters Brian Patch (for Eric Rivers), Brian Sumner (for Dustin Knight), Matt Ball (for Matt Jensen), Chad Shettler (for Sweet Lou) and Lauren Perkins (for Jennifer Morrison).

Also making special appearances in the film are professional skateboarders Bam Margera, Chad Fernandez, Ryan Sheckler; Paul Rodriguez Jr., Willy Santos; Mike Vallely, Remy Stratton, Jesse Fritsch, Chris Gentry, Kareem Campbell and Neal Hendrix. “We’re doing our best to make sure the skateboarding you see on-screen is as credible as it can be, attests 900 Films’ Morgan Stone.

“In the world of pro skateboarding, there are a few guys who’ve got it good – and a million more who want it bad.

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