You may remember ILC Skateshop in Edgewater, Florida from our Shop Stop we did a couple weeks ago. Well, they just sent us these photos—a little art piece kind of. Nice work boys!

“Hey there this is Matt Smith from the ILC skate team. I wanted to show you guys the support we have for your fantastic magazine by sending you some pictures. These photos are made up of all of our broken boards we through into the drainage. One day we opened up the drain and emptied it out. We didn’t know what to do with it so we though Hey lets spell out Transworld get on the roof take a picture and send it to them, so we did. Me, Matt Safalus, Nasty Nate, and my brother Zack Smith, all worked together to put this together. It probably took us about 1-3 hours, I dont remember.”
Photos by Stefan Kusiv