This just in from the Civ, three official announcements:

1. New clothes are coming out December 7, 2015.

2. IC is splitting into two things:
Winners Club is the upper echelon cut and sew clothes. The ones you only bring out for special occasions, you feel me?
Skate Program is our boards, tees, hats, shit you skate in, shit you get dirty, your everyday Civ wear that you rep and do ignorant shit in.

3. The official skate team is Olan Prenatt and Kevin White.

We want you set a goal right now and send it to us in the questions on the site, we gonna post your goals. In a month when the drop happens we're gonna see who accomplished something. Being smart, but also not being a bitch is cool. Let’s get it!

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Art work by Ryder McLaughlin