In Memory of Eric Costello (pics added)

Eric Costello, a Santa Cruz (Scotts Valley) local died on 10-25-05 from head injuries in a skating accident. He took 2nd Place in the Masters at this year’s Tim Brauch Memorial. We will gather at the Scotts Valley Community Center Next to the Skate Park at Noon on Sunday October 30th. We will be reflecting on good times thoughts & emotions. There will be an open mic opportunity. Directly after we will celebrate the life of Eric Costello with a good skate at the park. To be more updated, keep checking our site, or Aloha Skate Shop, or Dislocated Skate Shop, for more details. Hope to see you all there.

And please pass along….

We had a talk with his parents today….and they would like to use this tragedy as a influence on young kids to use proper equipment.

As you might have heard, he was wearing a small kids helmet unstrapped……it popped off the minute he hit the ground.

Matt Buttrey

Photos courtesy of and Teresa Nicolephotography.