In Memory Of Ian James Wallace

Friend and fellow skater Ian James Wallace passed away recently. Some photos and words were sent in by his family. Pin up your prayers for a fallen soldier.

The skateboard community and skate partners throughout Colorado lost a friend December 27th, 2005 when Ian James Wallace of Centennial, Colorado was fatally injured in an automobile accident. Ian, only 17 years old, was an avid skater, but more importantly, he touched thousands of lives during his short lifetime.

Initially, Wheel Park in Aurora became his home base where he and friends spent hours enjoying there new found passion. As he grew older his passion grew stronger and he expanded his venue to other skate parks including downtown Denver where he skated with and gave tips to, the famous comedian, Dave Chappelle who attends the skate park when in Denver.

His favorite skater was Paul Rodriguez. His favorite city was San Francisco, California. The University of San Francisco was his first choice for college. He was in process of finalizing his essay to complete admission requirements. He planned on majoring in the Arts and Sciences field.

Ian was caring, compassionate, and fun loving. He had a zest for life and touched the lives of many people. His kind words or a shoulder to lean on provided support for many family and friends. His beauty resonated both outside and inside.

We love you and miss you.