Indy Lows, Bam’s Record Label, Junkyard Jam

Independent Lows Coming September 15 

Independent Trucks is proud to announce the worldwide release on September 15, 2006 of the first ever Independent low-profile street truck; the new Independent Stage 9 Low.  

Utilizing the original Fast-Action Independent Geometry with the same kingpin and pivot angles—the new Stage 9 Low turns and responds quickly and precisely, just like an Independent truck should. By keeping the original axle position relative to the mounting holes the new Stage 9 Low provides the truest wheel base possible and keeps the meat of the baseplate outside of your wheels for solid nose and tail tricks. The shape of the inside portion of the hanger has been rounded for additional grind space on smith and feeble grinds.  

“Rides like an Indy —Eric Koston upon testing the new Stage 9 Low 

In its debut release, the new Stage 9 Low will come in Silver with red cushions in size 129. Independent will also be releasing an Eric Koston Stage 9 Low in conjunction with the release of this new truck. Eric’s truck features a matte black hanger with Koston Indy-logo pad print and an Ano-gold baseplate. 139 sizes will be available for Holiday release

Bam’s Record Label

Sweden’s Vains Of Jenna will release their full-length debut album Lit UP-Let Down October 24. It’s the first release on Bam Margera’s new label Filthy Note (

Beach Bums Junkyard Jam

Check the flier to the left! September 16 in Anaheim, California.