Innsbruck Air & Style June 9

Date: 9. June 2000
Location: HAFEN in Innsbruck, Austria
Riders: 16 world best pro skatersramp: Europe’s largest vert ramp (15 m long, 15 m wide and 4,2 m high – made of beech wood)
Bands : NOFX + special guests presented by MTV…as always ¿ the best music is just enough!
Prize-money: US $ 75.000,
Expected visitors: 10,000

Following to the success of the G-Shock Air & Style Snowboard Contest, the biggest and most popular Snowboard event worldwide, which has its roots in the year 1993 we present the Air & Style Skate Contest 2000: a perfect location, 16 world best skaters, the highest prize-money in a vert ramp skate contest ever, an international line-up of top-bands presented by MTV and a strong team of sponsors and organisers.

The day before…
The crazy time in Innsbruck, “the boarders city” starts on Thursday with the “Street Jam” in front of the X-Double Skate shop. There you can meet the real heros of the skaters’ universe like Andy MacDonald, Lincoln Ueda, Sergie Ventura and many others at the street party and an autograph session. Catch the vibes for a long, long weekend topped with the special Air & Style atmosphere…

Next day…
Skaters will cruise around in the biggest mobile vert ramp in Europe.

The festival will take place in the HAFEN. This is the biggest in- and outdoor recreation center in western Austria.

MTV will present the hippest acts from punk through hip hop to crossover. Of course they will present an amazing mixture of sounds during the day and in the evening a international line-up of top DJs will give their best.

US $ 75.000,– prize-money – a further push of motivation for the guys. And the kick flips and back drops and whatever will go EASY, you know?For the best trick and the highest air another prize of US $ 5.000,– is offered.

Ten thousand fans are expected to hang around in the swimming pool, catch up with the latest news from the graffiti sprayers, take a special souvenir (tattoo) home with them, visit the hairdressers and all in all – spend a lazy time with the best music, food stalls, bars and other people chilling out!

As we also keep in touch with the great innovations of the millennium, we will set up our Air & Style Chat-room!There you can talk with the snowboard and skate heros of the scene about god, the world and the real important things: boards, sound and parties…

Cybercasting ¿ another magic tool of the electronical world of Air & Style.If you don’t have the opportunity to come to Innsbruck you can check out the show live via internet.

We will give the last few, essential words to “Godfather of skateboarding” Tony Hawk:”This was one of the best contests I have ever skated in. The ramp was really good”. (Skate Contest 1999)