InstaREAL V.1 Free Photo Filter App

REAL is excited to announce the release of its first ever mobile app.

InstaREAL is the advance first version of an ongoing fun way for skaters to add filters and effects to their photos then share with friends. It all started some months ago when we were finishing up the print ad for REAL’s new Mellow Construction decks, someone wrote down #mellowthefuckout…and that's when all broke loose… and we dove in. Shirts and stickers made, ad sent out and we got to work on the app…all without first checking to realize you can’t hash tag a swear word… See? Both feet not looking…Well, 288 misprinted shirts, 3,000 stickers and an ad that had to get pulled and changed at the last minute later we had things right and #mellowthefukout was born and the app was on it’s way. #mellowthefukout could now be everywhere, over anything super simply (and spelled right too!)

The InstaREAL’s App initial release features 4 filters to choose from including #mellowthefukout, Since Day One, #thankyouskateboarding and Pushing Since Day One. There will be many more coming in the next few weeks as filters will be updated regularly so the app is always fresh and new. It’s super simple – Launch InstaREAL, select the filter, shoot the photo, save to your library, open Instagram and share it. There is tons more we want to do with InstaREAL, things to add, adjust and tweak, but again – we get excited and jump in and wanted to include you with us in this first version as quick as we could.  Have fun with it. Please send us comments and features you would like to see added for versions 1.5 and 2, we want future additions to come from you – the users.

InstaREAL is available now in the itunes App Store and on Google play for Android.