International Coup D’ Etat Exhibit

Tum Yeto has teamed up with DNA Distribution and the Children’s Museum of San Diego to put together an interactive open to the public exposition of skateboarding and skateboard products. This grass roots three-day event will host new product displays from title sponsor companies such as Toy Machine, Alien Workshop, Foundation, Habitat, Pig Wheels, Seek, Hollywood, Ruckus Trucks as well as new product from co-sponsors/exhibitors such as Giant Distribution, NHS, Dwindle, Imperial and DC Shoes to name a few. There will also be scheduled video showings, scheduled pro team autograph signings, how to skateboard video screenings, mini ramp sessions by top pros and a pro invitational event known as the “San Dieguito Hand Rail Challenge. This is a best trick contest on a replica of the infamous San Dieguito H.S. hand rail spot but using the actual hand rail that the school cut out in order to stop skateboarding. The first day will be an industry only day for shops, distributors and vendors and the two other days open to the general public. It will be an event that kids can come see new products from their favorite companies, meet their favorite pros, see the newest videos and see an exclusive invitational pro event. The entire event will benefit the non-profit San Diego Children’s Museum.When and where? September 5th, 6th and 7th 2002 at the San Diego Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. Not in conjunction with ASR at the convention center and San Diego Street Scene but consecutively the exposition will draw thousands of skateboarders and industry types.Who will be there? Skateboard participants and enthusiasts from all over southern California ranging from 10-30 years old and their parents. Industry bigwigs, shop owners and international distributors from all over the world.