International News: Canada

International News: Canada

Toronto, Canada-based SBC Business magazine conducted a national retailer survey of skate shops throughout Canada earlier this year and reported that 83 percent of shops surveyed sell blank decks and 54 percent of them sell shop decks. Of all the shops surveyed, 62 percent sell skateboards.

Other interesting observations concluded by the magazine include that longboards make up five percent of overall skateboard sales in the shops that sell them-and 55 percent of shops surveyed sell longboards. Also, fourteen percent of skateboard purchases made are by women.

The magazine, published once a year and mainly focusing on the snowboard market, surveyed retailers to list their top-selling brands of men’s and women’s skate shoes, as well as top-selling decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and videos. Highlights of survey results are listed below. -SH

Top Men’s Skate-Shoe Brands

1. DC

2. éS

3. Osiris

4. Circa

5. Globe

Top Deck Brands

1. Blind

2. Element

3. World Industries

4. Shorty’s

5. Zero

Top Truck Brands

1. Independent

2. Tensor

3. Grind King

4. Destructo

5. Venture

Top Wheel Brands

1. Spitfire

2. Ricta

3. World Industries

Best-Selling Skateboard Videos

1. Sorry (Flip)

2. 411VM

3. FSU (RDS)

4. Dying to Live (Zero)

5. Menikmati (éS)