Interview with Mike Taylor

Mikey! This is Shad.

What up, Shad?

Just workin'. What are you doin'?

Driving, I gotta pick up something for my car.

Nice, we should definitely do this interview while you're driving. That's probably the safest thing to do.

Actually, I'm about to park … just a second.

Is it your car?

Yeah, it's an Acura Integra. Hold on one sec … I need to pull in here.

(Loud scraping sound)

(Background voices) Ohhhhh! That was your muffler. That definitely was your muffler!

Whoa! Are you safely parked yet?


All right. So how are things going for you lately? You've been busy, huh?

It's just crazy now–not too long ago, I was just chilling at my house with all my friends, and now I'm, like, flyin' to Australia and shit.

How old are you?


Nineteen? Fresh outta high school?

Yeah, just graduated.

Are you pysched you're free to travel the world and skate?

Oh, man! Every day I skate, you don't even know. It's so much fun–I'm just livin' it.

So you're filming for the new TransWorld video. How's that going?

(Laughs) It's going good–I've just been getting hurt. When I was in Australia, I cut my shin open. It was only like ten stitches, but I'm pretty much done filming. I'm just trying to get the bangers now.

Are you kind of competing with Paul (Rodriguez)?

Yeah, it's like we compete, but it's good. We get each other hyped, and we end up skating better.

You just recently got on èS. How did that come about?

I don't know. I was kind of sponsored by DuFFS, and my friend Eric Bork was like, “We gotta get you on something.” So he gave Tony (èS team manager) my tape. They saw it, and then just started flowing me. I wanted to ride for someone who wanted me on the team, you know?

Totally. So did you skate with Koston and he liked how you skated or something?

Yeah, then I guess they made some calls or something, and I got on the team.

Have you beat Koston in a game of SKATE yet?

No, I haven't played him! Whenever I see him, I'm, like, starstruck, I'm afraid I'm going to fall just pushing or something stupid like that. It's getting easier, though–I'm starting to feel more comfortable around him because I'm friends with Paul, too. We're both Koston fans.

Where are you originally from?

Ventura (California)–a place called Newbury Park. I kick it with all the Ventura homeys.

Who do you usually skate with up there?

Justin Case, and this kid Van Wastell–you have to put his name in there 'cause he's the best skateboarder ever. He's coming up–you just watch. And then my brother Matty–I skate with him every day.

How did you get into skating?

Well, everyone in my neighborhood used to skate, so I got into it. But then they all quit, but I kept doing it. It was funny 'cause when all those kids quit, I started skating with my little brother and all his friends. Then I just eventually met more people.

Hey, can you drop in on vert?

(Laughs) Yeah! I can drop in and do 50-50s. I'm also gonna drop in on Bob's ramp once I go.

That's rad. So far there's only been one am who hasn't dropped in.

Who was that?

It was Tyler.

No way.

Yeah, I had to give him a lecture.

I want to start skating vert. It seems like so much fun once you're good at it.

Here's a classic cheesy question: How many boardds can you ollie?

Ah, man. I'm not too sure. Just put, like, eleven–we're breakin' records here!

Okay. Do you know who Jay Adams is?

Ahh, No.

He was one of the original Dogtown rippers. What about this one: Who was the first skater to do a kickflip?

Rodney Mullen!


Yeah! I saw the new On Video–my boy Terry (Kennedy) had a part in it.

Yeah, Terry's part was sick. How about this question: If you could be a pro from any decade, who would you be?

Hmm. That's a good one … Eric Koston. Just 'cause he's my favorite skater.

Good choice. Which ams are are killing it and coming up?

Paul Rodriguez, Evan Hernandez, Jani, Justin Case, Van Wastell, and my little brother Matty Taylor–just put “Matty Poo.” He's gonna take me out soon.

What kind of music do you listen to?


Any bands you're hyped on?

Just the trendy shit. No, I like the Living Legends and shit like that.

Do you want to thank your sponsors or anything?

I want to thank City Stars, Fresh Jive, éS, Venture, Gold wheels …

Bagel Bites?

Yeah, and Bagel Bites (laughs). Power Bar–just throw in all the goodies. And Honda Workshop, too. You gotta put that in–that's for real, though.

Will they give you a free muffler or something?