Introducing BLK LTD

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BLK-LTD is the brainchild of Corey Duffel and the owners of REPOP MFG.

American made accessories in the biker, skate, surf and lifestyles industries have been lacking on all levels for some time now, so over a couple of Cokes & burgers the boys came up with a plan to bring more of their core in to the US market. This turned out to be a difficult task being that this industry doesn’t spend all that much money on accessories. The boys started working on a line of accessories that would meet the market price point and still give core people a chance to own something bad ass that’s made by hand in America.

Corey in the meantime got a bunch of his insanely talented friends to get on board with the plan of lending some of their art and ideas to the BLK-LTD project. And with that BLK-LTD was born. Stay tuned to see many great projects and talented people involved in the growing of BLK-LTD to its full glory.


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