Kristian Svitak just e-mailed us with news of his new wheel company called LandShark. Fellow 1031er Ben Raybourn rounds out the lean/mean team so far. Check out their website right about here.

Well it has been almost 3 years since my buddy and I started 1031. Yeah, crazy! And people still dont know who we are. Your right we suck! We suck so bad we decided to start another company to bring us down even further. I am here to announce LandShark wheels! We wanted to do this about 2 years ago but we where too broke. Since then we decided to cut back on eating so many corn dogs so we could save the money to do it. When we knew we wanted to do this my buddy asked “what should we call it?” I looked down at my forearm and saw one of my mistakes I got at the tattoo shop about 5 years ago. Yeah, I thought it was real clever to get “LandShark” along with a skateboard with a shark fin on it tattooed on my arm. Duh! But, as I looked down at my arm, I said “Ive got it! LandShark wheels! I even have a logo ready to go!” So there it is, More bullshit to flood the market. The web site will be up as soon as our buddy makes one for us. It will be . As for a team? You think anybody wants to be a part of our lame shit? No just kidding! That is all building right now. The one dude that is definatly on it is Ben Raybourn. Shit maybe it will just be him. Who cares ,no one will buy this crap anyways!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 LandShark GO!

Kristian Svitak