Invert 2000

The Vertical Sports Carnival returns to Anaheim.

Last November, Invert 2000 opened its doors to the public once again in the immense Anaheim Convention Center. The now-annual event drew about 12,000 kids and parents from Southern California for a three-day trade-show-like exposition that also featured street and vert contests, as well as events for BMX and motocross. Active, DVS, Osiris, Tum Yeto, Vans, World Industries, and XYZ were among the skate companies and shops with booths where kids browsed and bought stuff, begged for stickers, and won prizes in games and raffles.

“The concept with the Invert event is to bring the public in contact with the retailers and companies, and attract them here by having top-level, world-class professional competitions with bicycles and skateboards,” says Steve Ruge, who coordinates Invert’s skateboarding program. “Of course, we’d love to have all the big established companies come here, but we really enjoy working with the smaller companies and giving them an opportunity to get out in front of the public.”

Invert 2000 was promoted via radio, television, and print ads, as well as in 350 Taco Bell restaurants throughout Southern California. Exhibiting companies report larger crowds at their booths than last year and were generally positive about Invert 2000. “We did it just as a promotional program,” says DVS Sales Manager Gabe Clement, who expressed some regret that the street course sat dormant except on the day of the contest. “Kids definitely seemed to be having a good time, although it’s also a little disheartening when they’re just there for free stuff. But there were a lot of skate kids there–the people I interacted with over three days were definitely kids involved in skateboarding.”

The skate-company booths were situated around the street course and vert ramp where Caine Gayle and Rune Glifberg won their respective competitions. For more information on the Invert events, check out, or call Medior Entertainment at: (714) 847-5003.