IPATH East Coast Tour

IPATH Footwear Presents Every Which Way But Loose, East (wood) Coast Tour.


Starring: Fred (Philo) Gall, Steve Durante, Jon Goemann, Matt Rodriguez, Jaws, Jack Sabback, Ryan Reyes, Danny Dicola, and Kenny Reed. Raybourn broke his arm fighting Tank Merdock, so he's out.

May 22: Reign Skate Shop Langhorne, PA. 4pm'ish.

May 24: Standard Skate Shop, Woodbridge, NJ. 4pm'ish.

May 25: Palomino Club w/ Lynn Halsey-Taylor. 11pm

May 26: Pro Skateboard Shop Belmar, NJ. 5pm'ish.

May 27: Blades, Manhattan 4pm'ish.

May 27: Homage Skate Shop, Brooklyn 6pm'ish.

May 28: NJ Skate Shop Princeton, NJ. 4pm'ish.

May 29: Kinetic Skate Shop Wilmington, DE. 4pm'ish.

May 30: Jersey Shore w/ Lou Metal and The Black Widows 4pm-4am.