ISPO Mini Ramp Results

Ivan Rivado won yet again, narrowly edging out fellow Basque ripper Alain Goikoetxea. Andy Scott took third place. Alain and Ivan were very dominant on the ramp, after that it was pretty hard to decide the run down from there. All in all, it was the first time most of these guys had skated a mini ramp of these proportions--nearly 75 feet wide with mulitlple extensions, a flat bank, and an over vert. Beer flowed like wine and the crowd loved the action, cheering for just about everything that went down. It was a great session and a whole lot of fun.

All photos by Jelle Keppens

Full results:

1. Ivan Rivado--4000 euros
2. Alain Goikoetxea--1500 euro
3. Andy Scott--740 euro
4. Anders Tellen--300 euro
5. Guillaume Moquin--200 euro
6. Mickey Iglesias
7. Ferit Batir
8. Romain Astleitner
9. Julien Benoliel
10. David Gravette