TransWorld SKATEboarding Business January 2000
(Vol. 11 No. 4)



Industry News
Biz Buzz: When animals attack the Santa Cruz tour van, and World Industries on the silver screen.
Shoe Box: Rick Howard and Mike Carroll’s new deal, and The Storm goes digital.
Recent Roster Hops: Skaters land new sponsors.

Competitive Challenges
Jeff Harbaugh’s four things you’ve got to do better to make your company successful.

IASC Update (from the International Association Of Skateboard Companies)
Jim Fitzpatrick defines the skateboard industy: Corrupters Of Youth.

Retailer Tips
The hard side of softgoods.

Ten Shops, One Question
The dilemma of holiday clothing overstock.


The Periodic Tale Of Element
Patience and persistence has paid off for Johnny Schillereff and company.

The Fingerboard Controversy
Are toy-skateboard makers promoting skateboarding or just profiting?

Money For Nothing
Successfully licensing your trademarks requires the right partners.

Denim Wars
Who put nylon in the cotton gin?

Invert ’99
Vertical-sports carnival is part trade show, part contest.

Guild Action Sports
Rob Gracie wants athletes to get their fair share.

Vans Skatepark Number Three
Shoe giant opens third mega skatepark.

Rolling Into The Russian Market
Skateboarding grows despite political turmoil.

Agents Of Evolution
Athlete representatives–are their contributions to skateboarding’s growth benign or malignant?

Skate Camps
Send your kids or send yourself.

If You Build It, They Will Come Around
San Diego skaters take the shovel into their own hands.