TransWorld SKATEboarding Business
April 2002 – Volume 13 Number 5


Biz Buzz, Shoe Box, and Roster Hops
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 goes off the charts (all of the charts), shoe companies engage in a flurry of hiring and staff promotions, and skaters land new sponsors.

IASC Update
Engaged in the Damn Am contest series, Jim Fitzpatrick envisions a future of winners without losers.

Ten Shops, One Question
How have your customers’ buying habits changed since September 11?


We Win. Now What?
Jeff Harbaugh ruminates on the future of skateboarding.

Spring 2002 ASR Trade Expo
We’re all animals in the action-sports circus.

The End Of An Epidemic?
Obsessive-board disorder diagnoses fall drastically.

Aussie Rules Skateboarding
The skateboard market is a whole other game down under.

Dogtown Skates
One of skateboarding’s first DIY ventures, DTS maintains its grassroots origins.

Staffing Up
Who do you tend to hire?

Skateboard Science
Understanding contemporary skateboard manufacturing’s environment.

The Return Of The Pig?
Big boards make a comeback of sorts.