TransWorld SKATEboarding Business
February 2003 – Volume 14 #4


Message From The Editor
Eco-trips, skateboarding, and how it’s important to put things in perspective.

Media Watch
What are other people saying about skateboarding?

IASC Update
How skateboard companies united to save skateboarding in California.

Legal Tips
Environmental Law, and how it relates to skateboard manufacturing.

More on China, this time with input from the wood world.

Biz Buzz/Shoe Box
All the latest who-does-what stuff.


Transworld Twentieth Anniversary Party
Despite torrential rains, the party goes off with a blast.

Natural Fibers
The benefits of using hemp and organic cotton.

Looking At Lib Tech
Not all decks come from trees.

I Is Satori
A breath of fresh air.

Made In The U.S.A.
Is the Role of American Manufacturing Sinking?

Foreign Softgoods Manufacturing
Are you wearing communist clothing?

It could be quite popular.

The DC Case
Co-owner files wrongful termination lawsuit; DC countersues.

Packaging Excess?
How much is necessary?.

Elemental Awareness
Archery, wilderness survival, and skateboarding?

Old Man Makes LOVE
Kevin Bacon’s father Ed both designed and defended LOVE park.

Deck Recycling
How to get the most out of the trees.

Rookie Looking Outside
East coast brand talks about the reality of manufacturing abroad.

Skate Shops Can Recycle, Too
Shops can be more eco-friendly.

Trade Shows In Jersey
Yes, they do exist.

Dealing With Landlords
How to maintain a good relationship with your landlord.

Senator Helps Skateparks
Bill Morrow introduced SB 994 for the future of skatepark building.

Playground Or Training ground?
The appeeal of training facilities.

Which Way Is Up?
Vert skating’s role in skateboarding.

World Boards
Big shop, small city.

Vans Went To Asia
First to arrive, last to leave.

Syntyhetic Shoes
What’s the big deal, anyway?