TransWorld SKATEboarding Business
November 2002 – Volume 14 #3


Hype, Technology, and Trade Shows
Not enough of some, too much of the other.

Ten Shops, One Question

Industry Ticker


Beantown’s Wonderful, Horrible Shops
An in-depth look at the shop that bore PJ Ladd.

The New Face of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz’s new art director is on to something good.

enjoi Skateboarding
A long-term art project … sort of.

Hand Over The Death Lens
From crappy Video 8s to the standard VX 1000, video cameras have always been in skateboarding’s back pocket.

The Poetics Of Security
Street skating, urban design, and the new public space.

Hand in Hand
Skateboarding and photography have always been together in the loveliest of marriages.

Reinventing the Wheel
Urethane companies are always looking to break the mold.

Coup d’Etat
Held during ASR weekend.

No Room For The Little Guy?
Regional brands hold their own at ASR.

Spike’s Take On Things
SKATE Biz catches up with Spike Jonze to discuss skateboarding, filming, and all things inspiring.

Paving Roads
Modart set a precedent for how “skate art” exhibitions should be.

The Importance Of Being Art Director
Some interesting takes from some of skateboarding’s more elusive artists.

ASR Wrap-Up
Where is Everybody?

Not Simply Shoes
Today’s biggest skate-shoe brands are nurturing relationships with art, their riders, and their agenda.