JackassWorld: 24 Hour Takeover

The hard launch of jackassworld.com, the cast of Jackass are taking over MTV
for Jackassworld: 24 Hour Takeover, 24 continuous hours of
programming starting noon, Saturday February 23rd through noon, Sunday,
February 24th.

Johnny Knoxville attempts a jump to commemorate Evel Knievel, here’s a

The full footage will be aired during the 24 hour takeover which will
also include:

– Travis Pastrana, Scott Palmer, Allen Cooke, Davin “Psycho” Halford,
Trigger Gumm and Jeff “Harley” Schneider, all of whom attempt a number
of ridiculous stunts
– Fans can leave their mark on Steve-O by submitting and voting on
tattoos for Steve-O. The winning tat, as chosen by the broader Jackass
community, will be applied to Steve-O live, on-air.
– Viewers can submit video questions for the jackass cast and crew to
answer. Don’t expect truthful answers, though.
– Tons of other pranks.