Jamaica’s First Skatepark

Our buddy in the land of Jamaica sent us the following email. Fighting the good fight, let’s make it happen Stephen!

I know this is a stretch, but I believe it will happen! My nameis Stephen and I have been living on the island of Jamaica for abouttwo years. I have recently started a youth program with kids who aredying to skateboard, but they have no where to do it and maybe three, worn-out, skateboards to a hundred kids!

I am trying to build the first skatepark in Jamaican history coupled with an educational youth program, but I need your help! I am going out on a limb to search and find any wisdom, advice, teams, donations, speaking invitations or financial support I can.

If you can offer any kind of help towards this project, even if it’sjust adding us as a friend on MySpace, a resource, a recommendation, advice or redirection it would be a huge step in reaching the youth of Jamaica. Please feel free to contact me at any one of these e-mail addresses:

fiwi_skatepark@hotmail.com / stephenkinginja@hotmail.com / TheJamaican youth; Myspace profile myspace.com/jamaicansk8parkfund.

Please consider the millions of kids around the world and in the US that have countless Skateparks/youth programs. 45% of Jamaica is under the age of 19 and they are only asking for one Skatepark!!

Thank you for your time and consideration!