Fresh off the news press:

This email is to announce the launch of Jereme Rogers’ Selfish Skateboards blog. This is only the first step of many to come over the next few months. We will present a 2nd pro skateboarder on July 1 on both the Web site and blog. Expect lots of promo videos, high profile collaborations and skateboard graphics to be unveiled shortly.

“After riding for the largest brands like Plan B and Girl Skateboards, I'm happy to take a step forward and finally be able to do things on my own terms! Our goal is simple: to sponsor elite skateboarders, pay higher royalties and offer higher quality products. It's the skateboarders that make these large companies and I think the cut given to the skater isn't fair”—Jereme Rogers

The skateboards are made with East Coast hardrock Canadian maple in Canada so we have fresh boards that wont snap like a twig. Most brands nowadays manufacture their product in China. Kids end up paying for a sub-par product at the same price as a high-end product. You are basically ripping off kids that put their hard earned money on a product that won't last. This is a conscious choice made by many large brands to make larger margins and we at Selfish Skateboards believe that isn't right.

We believe the time for a change has come! We hope the industry will support us in our goal.