Jesse Paez Shoe Is Introduced By Kastel Shoes

Kastel Shoes announced that they will be shipping the first Jesse Paez shoe at the end of July 1999. The long awaited model has been in development for about a year and has been tested by Paez for months now. He skated in his shoe at the Tampa, FL pro contest where he took 3rd place in the final results, 2nd place Vert Wall Best Trick, 2nd place Big Flatbar Best Trick and also at Slam City where he placed 9th.

The Paez shoe features a newly developed A-I-C air cushion. This new cushion is structured as a circular air chamber design which provides excellent multi-directional impact control. The Paez shoe is also constructed with Kastels Advanced Fit system; a lycra spandex inner sock that conforms to the skater’s ankle area to deliver maximum fit and support