John Motta On SUPERbrand Apparel

Today SUPERbrand Apparel proudly announces John Motta as the first member of the Skateboarding Team!
A 21 year old Am from Glendale, Arizona, Motta is an eccentric character with great talent, style and creativity—Motta is an ideal fit for SUPERbrand Apparel

"John Motta is from a higher power," says Brad Staba, Pro Skateboarder and Owner, Skate Mental. "His energy and talent is magical. If Larson doesn't f—k it up, John Motta and SUPERbrand are going to do huge things."

Serious plans are in the works for Motta and SUPERbrand, including retail tours, parties, signature collabs, apparel designed by Motta (Spring 2011), and whatever else he can dream up. "We want to support our team, skateboarding, and retailers on a whole new level," said Tony Larson, SUPERbrand Creative Director.

The debut SUPERbrand Apparel Collection will hit a select group of skate shops and boutiques worldwide in June 2010.