Born with spina bifida, Josh Bridgewater never felt like he belonged until he stepped on a skateboard for the first time. He’s the type of person that says, "Tell me what I can't do, and I'll tell you when I'm done doing it,” and means it. Before you know it, it’ll already be deemed true. His personality is attention grabbing and his smile is contagious. And today, he's the oldest skater with spina bifida in the world. Folks magazine did a rad piece on him recently and we highly suggest checking it out. His story is inspiring and very interesting. Against all odds, Josh has overcome depression, physical and mental pain, and so much more. He’s a rad dude and a good friend of TWS. If you ever see him out in the wild, give him a high five and say what’s up!

Read the full feature on Folks magazine here: Josh Bridgewater, The Skater Kid Finds His Tribe

Connect with Josh on social media here: @spina_bifida.skater

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