“17 years ago, in 1992 I rode for World Industries. It was such a cool experience, I got to go down to LA and hang out with the best skaters of that time. We were also getting paid $100.00 per month as ams and were being taken on shopping sprees for new Gap gear with Steve Rocco. We would sleep on bunk beds at the World park and skate all night long, filming with Socrates and I even got to stay at Rodney Mullen's house a few times.

What you are about to see is footage of me that was supposed to be in the Love Child video but for some reason wasn't. When I received the Love Child video in a box in 1992 I was so stoked. Thinking I had a part in it, I rushed the video over to my friends house to watch it. And as the credits rolled I thought to myself "Maybe they saved my part for the credits, or maybe after, like a little surprise part." But no, there was nothing of me. So you can imagine how stoked I must have been when I saw this footage for the first time ever last night, 17 years later.

Warning! Be on the lookout for the baggiest pants in the world. You might get swallowed up by them.—Karl Watson