Kayo News

The homies at The Kayo Corp sent us this update:


Chany and Richard just got back from Spain. Both came back so many tapes of footage. Could those two possibly make an appearance in a new TWS video?  

Ryan Gallant was at Make a Wish the past weekend, doing his part for a good cause. He’s back at home now, resting due to a minor torque ankle. Ryan and friend PJ Ladd are skating the park nearly everyday, with the footage to prove it at http://www.thekayocorp.com. 

Kelly Hart is out in Spain having the time of his life, taking photos, and filming his every move. Keep a look out for this boy in the new kayo video, his part will be the one for the ages. 


Karl Watson has been spending most of his time skating around the Bay, while filming for the new video with his son Elan. Karl’s footage will be sure to make you smile, happiest guy in skating.

Nilton Neves has been out around Texas for the past week, doing demos, as well as making an appearance at Make A Wish. Robbie Holmes, and Adelmo Jr both have enough footage for 2 parts, and they are still filming up till the deadline. Quim has been tweaking out tricks all over the USA, keep a look out for his new ad. 


With Stevie Williams being the first recruit on RBK, he felt it was only right to bring along Lenny Rivas. Stevie is currently filming out in Barcelona right now, you can see the progress of that at http://www.thekayocorp.com. Lenny Rivas is at home in South San Diego County, with the caliber of tricks Lenny has for the new video, it’s going to be hard to keep his name out of your mouth come March 2005. Marcus McBride is out in Barcelona right now as well, getting his business handled, all while looking pretty damn smooth in the process. Jack Curtin, don’t make me even get started on Jack. You already know how amazing Jack is, but this will further that thought in your head. 


Wade DesArmo, a name that will be household in 2005. If you watched the almost video, and saw a particular heelflip b/s smith on the LA high rail, but didn’t know who it was, let me introduce you. This is my friend Wade. In the great tradition of skateboarders who defy normal confines of skating, and make it look good, Wade is one of the top. Don’t take my word for it, you will see. 

John Igei, been out in NYC, rolling on Gold. John will be back out at home in SF pretty soon I’d imagine, its about to get cold out in NYC. The new gold censored series is out now, and is causing waves across the world. Check them out at http://www.goldwheels.com