Keep Luke Duval In Your Thoughts

Friend of TransWorld and contributor to, Kyle Duval, wrote in to inform us of his brother Luke battling a brain hemmorhage. Below are Kyle’s words. Keep Luke in your thoughts and hopefully he’ll read this soon and be stoked.

“My 17 year old brother LUKE DUVAL was rushed to the hospital yesterday and come to find out he had a brain hemmorhage (bleeding clot in his brain). He went in at 12pm yesterday and had surgery last night around 8. About 1 in the morning he started to move a little and by this morning he was responding to us by squeezing our hands when we ask him a question and he was shaking his head and amazingly we gave him a pen and held a binder and a piece of paper up to him and he wrote to us to communicate. He is in and out of sedation and signs are looking good but only time will tell—all we can do now is wait and pray for him to come out of this and make a good recovery. My brother skates and is on TransWorld‘s Web site everyday watching videos and reading up on the latest news. If everyone can keep him in their prayers, that is what he needs now. If he were to wake up and open his eyes to see his story and that many people caring and looking out for him i just know he would be stoked. Here is a photo that was taken this morning. Thanks so much.”—Kyle Duval