Kickflip.Net Releases Interactive Skateboarding Simulation Game

Couldn’t mow enough lawns to get Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? If you own a PC (sorry, no macs yet) and have a connection to the information superhighway, then you might just have to settle for the next best thing; Kickflip. This PC based interactive skateboarding simulation game can be downloaded at no cost by logging onto, but it’s more than just a game. It’s an evolving project with a bunch of skateboard companies involved. You can also download the latest skatepark design to session, dress your skateboarders up in the dopest clothes, and it might be even possible to compete in online contests in future versions.

Though nothing can really compare to the insomniac’s dream, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Kickflip might be the second best thing, plus it’s going to be constantly improved being a web-based project. So What are you waiting for? Go to now and download the first version of this interactive game.