Kirchart and Berra Abducted by Alien Workshop

DNA Distribution is proud to announce the additions of Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart to the Alien Workshop pro roster. Steve and Heath join the well-established force which includes Rob Dyrdek, Danny Way, Jason Dill, Josh Kalis, Anthony Van Engelen and Anthony Pappalardo.

“We’re really proud that two incredible skaters like Steve and Heath have chosen to become a part of the Alien Workshop,” AWS president Chris Carter said. “The skill level, work ethic and integrity of these two skaters will only strengthen our esteemed team. We all plan to work closely together to promote skateboarding, develop products and we’re sure that this will be the beginning of a long, rewarding relationship.”

Berra and Kirchart both bring substantial skill, talent, dedication and drive to an already existing powerful Workshop team. “I feel the Workshop caters to a portion of the skateboarding market that suits my needs in the most optimum way,” Berra said. “Danny Way, Anthony Poppalardo, Jason Dill, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Anthony Van Engelen. These are all guys I respect, look up to and are inspired by immensely.”

Alien Workshop will continue to push the boundries of skateboard product development, working closely with Berra, Kirchart and the rest of the Workshop team. Both Berra and Kirchart will have pro models available shortly direct from DNA Distribution and through exclusive distributors of Alien Workshop. Along with the premiere deck releases, both Kirchart and Berra will have a signature wheel set and limited edition t-shirts.

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