KRE-PER Premiere Party

KRE-PER trucks premiered their first ever video, KRE-PER Show, at the legendary Pink Motel. Things weren’t slated to start until 4:00 pm but the crowd was filtering in at 3 p.m. There was nothing to do but let em’ in of course. The BBQ was firing and kegs of beer were flowing. By 5 o’clock the party was in full swing with KRE-PER riders Daniel “PEE WEE Monkress, Kyle Hagerty, and Brigham Edwards holding court in the pool. It quickly became a who’s who of pool riding with the likes of Jesse Martinez, Aaron Murray, Eric “Tuma Britton, Chris Cook, Benji Galloway, Al Partanen, Jake Piaseki, John Torchia and the “Reuler Dave Reul. All were in full effect! The bands started up with the Fast Plants up first. The Cliftons were up next and put on one hell of a set which included the singer puking all over the deck of the pool and subsequently slipping in it. Way to go!!! The Skatanic Rednecks went on next and put on their usual display of drunken mayhem to carry us into movie time. The video was shown on the wall of the deep end making what almost seemed a natural amphitheater. People were seated all around the coping and well into the pool. Finally movie time, and it went off!! The movie which is loosely based around the horror flick, Creep Show, has plenty of cool animation mixed with probably some of the most well rounded skating you’ve set your eyes on in a while. The film was done by Ryan Tate who also did the 1984 video. Odds are if you liked that flick you might want to check this one out. It has plenty of rails, pools, parks, ditches and a wide variety of obstacles being hammered. The evening finished off with what else but more skating and Canadian band 3 inches of Blood just RIPPED through their set. Any one who missed that band definitely blew it. Those guys are sick. Thanks to every one who came out and supported the cause and was there to enjoy it.