Krux Kickflip Challenge New World Record


The record of 219 consecutive kickflips was destroyed by Chris Dziema at Small Empire Skateshop in New Jersey on June 28th, 2006!

Chris quickly made it to 100 kickflips and then asked “What’s the record?”. When he was told it was 219, Chris put his foot back on the board and confidently said “Only 119 more?!” He stomped out the remaining 119 and upped the ante to 283 kickflips! With only 8 Krux Kickflip Challenges remaining, Chris’s odds are looking pretty sweet as the KFC World Record holder for the 2006 season.

Click this link to check out video of Chris taking the title : Video

*Krux has been in contact with Guinness World Records in hopes of getting the top KFC record holder into the books. More news to follow if and when Krux gets approval from Guinness.*

Remaining Krux Kickflip Challenges on the schedule are:

1. Jacks Boardhouse in Medford, Oregon – July 7th

2. Sk8 Shelter in Eugene, Oregon – July 8th

3. Skate Legion in Milwaukie, Oregon – July 9th

4. The Finest Skateshop in St. Petersburg, Florida – July 9th

5. Windells in Mt. Hood, Oregon – July 10th

6. Ride Skateboards in Alabaster, Alabama – July 15th

7. Owls Head Contest in Brooklyn, New York – July 30th

8. Underloud Board Shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin – August 12th