Krux Video “Blown Out!” Coming Soon!

Krux trucks will be releasing their new video this April. Entitled, Blown Out!, this video will focus on the current state of skating, advertising, and the world we live in. Blown Out will feature Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Ricky Oyola, Ron Whaley, Seth McCallum, Steve Caballero, Steffan Attardo, Jeremiah Babb, Dan Murphy, Tony Silva, Billy Roper, Nestor Judkins and Emmanuel Guzman as well as the rest of the Krux team.

Filming for this visual sensation began in Spring of 2003 with road trips throughout the Pacific Northwest. Production for Blown Out! is being masterminded by Eric Noren who produced/directed the Krux spoof-fragrance and deoderant commercials. As well as a contributing filmer to Transworld, his work with 16mm film is attaining recogniton as some of the best in the business. As a result, Blown Out! will contain more film than the standard 3 chip video.

So go grab your bling, your mesh hat, your velvet jacket, and hemp shirt ’cause this shit’s gettin’ Blown Out!

“Damn, that girl’s blown out!” Tony Silva

“The van is definately blown out.” Ron Whaley

“We’re filming a video?” Caswell Berry