LA Schools Offer Skate Position

The Los Angeles Unified School District has been operating an after-school skatepark program in conjunction with the Skatepark Association of the USA (, and is looking to hire staff to help run it. The program involves setting up portable skatepark elements on school grounds afternoons for local youth to ride.

Preference for the positions will be given to skaters. Applicants will have to pass a police background check (they will go light on skate crimes) and the work will be part-time (after school hours), so it is ideal for college students or semi-pro skaters. Leadership qualities are a must.

LAUSD already has one BMX program (staffed by dirt track racer/cop Tressa), and will be opening the parks up to BMX at a later date. Applicants who have an interest in that program can send BMX resumes, too. The school district will open 18 parks by May!

LAUSD also has a guide for other school districts that would like to build a skate program.

For more information regarding the Los Angeles School District skate program, or to apply for a position, contact Dennis Stecchi at: (213) 625-4009.

Or e-mail:

Resumes can be e-mailed or mailed to:
Dennis Stecchi
LAUSD Beyond the Bell
450 N. Grand Ave.
L.A., CA 90012