Last Man Standing Casting Call

Hell yes we get a lot of crazy emails day in and day out, but I’m betting there’s some skaters out there that are down for this Last Man Standing madness. If Bob is skydiving, Bryan Herman is motocrossing, and Caine Gayle is Thai kickboxing, surely a skater can win this thing. Read on…

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I am looking for amazing young athletes for the second series of Last Man Standing (series 1 to air in the Fall). The series producer is keen to reach out to skateboarders thus my email.

The show is in the preliminary stages of production and currently looking for athletic, western adventurers to send to the most remote corners of the globe to live with indigenous peoples, train with them, and take part in their ancient sporting festivals.

Would be possible to post details of this show and casting notice on your website or forward to your members/organisation?

I have pasted the press release below and there is a brief synopsis of the programme too for further information. If you want the documents emailed please send your address and I’ll attach them. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Last Man Standing is a new BBC / Discovery Series in which a group of 6 western athletes pit their skills against each other and tribal champions in a series of extraordinary sporting challenges. The first series of Last Man Standing will be broadcast in mid-2007, and a second series is already being prepared. Thats where you could come in. Do you:

Have a passion for sport and competition?

A thirst to explore some of the most remote places on the planet?

A desire to live with traditional tribes, and to learn from them?

If youre answering yes and can be free to go on a series of adventures from September / October 2007 for 24 weeks of the next 52 please get in touch with us at:-

E-mail to:

Last Man Standing Series SYNOPSIS

BBC Television Documentary Unit / Discovery USA

Sporting activities have been part of human life for millennia. This ground breaking BBC series is a celebration of traditional sports. It will explore the incredible cultural richness of indigenous sporting events and festivals around the world.

Last Man Standing will look at the indigenous sports of eight very different communities, from the Arctic to the Amazon, from Africa to Asia, to uncover some of the toughest events on the planet, and provide an insight into the ancient history and culture of some of the worlds most remote areas and the people who live there.

To really learn about each particular sport, six athletes from the UK and USA will spend a week immersed in the sport and culture. The athletes will eat and sleep with the community and live as they do. They will train with them and learn rare insights into the sport and the way of life. At the end of the week, they will take part in the activity and play by local rules.

The series will explore the cultural and religious significance of each sport with sensitivity and respect. With the help of local guides and mentors, the athletes will also learn about the history and relevance of each sport.

It will, through showing features and emotions common to people the world over, promote understanding and respect for different ways of life. These sporting events, although firmly rooted in each specific culture, will also highlight how much very different peoples of the world have in common.

This landmark series will show some of the most unusual, colourful sporting events in a variety of countries, and will provide an entertaining and fresh insight into some of the richest cultures in the world.