Last Week To Fakie | 7/17/17

Agenda week/weekend is always a good time to drop some major news, videos and product, and last week was no exception. First we got the news the Brandon Westgate was leaving Emerica… For what brand though? Or could it be he’s packing up and the Element video would be his swan song? Oh no, the next day New Balance Numeric dropped the bombshell that they got Westgate. Couple that with a premiere of its new video Tricolor with a (gasp) new PJ Ladd part!?

Welcome to the Team @westgatebrandon

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Speaking of Agenda, our own Brian Blakely walked the crowded aisles and came back with this comprehensive product preview. Most of the stuff you see will be hitting shops and shelves later this year and on into 2018. How about those rubber toe-capped Vans Slip-ons?

Droors Clothing coming back with John Shanahan and Stevie Williams?!

DROORS BACK POPPIN @steviewilliams

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Mason Silva deservedly went pro late last week.

adidas dropped Mid-City Merge on Friday with Los Angeles ripping from the whole team.

Some of us are on our way to the Old Country as you read this for the most fun contest of the year. Stay tuned for CPH Open coverage this week!