Last Words – Mikey Taylor

Last song that got you on the dance floor: I haven’t made it on the dance floor yet.

Last box of product you got: I think the last box I got was from DVS. You know, I got the usual.

Last time you were in the hospital: About a year ago. I went flying off a motorcycle at about 40 miles an hour. That one really hurt.

Last person’s car you rode shotgun in: My little brother’s.

Last habit you picked up: Snorting.

Last gift you received: Does that DVS box count?

Last pet you named: The family got a little dog. We named her Sway.

Last time you grabbed your board: Last night.

Last 411 you watched before yours (411VM 63): Let’s go with the Bam issue (411VM 61).

Last time you replaced your toothbrush: Is it bad that I don’t really remember?

Last vert ramp you skated: The old Skate Street in Ventura. Well, all I really did was drop in, so I don’t know if you could count it as skating.

Last fitted hat you bought: It’s been a couple of years. Come on, everyone knows how hot mesh is right now.

Last photo you took: I shot a photo last night with Giovanni Reda.

Last time you were bummed: This exact moment right now. Reda was supposed to bring me some plantains from this Cuban restaurant—instead he handed me the photos from last night.

Last skate item you gave away: I gave a pair of Huf’s to the sewer next to the skatepark.

Last person who crashed at your house: My friend Blake is permanently crashed at the house.

Last sticker you stuck on something: I stuck a DVS sticker on my brother’s back.

Last modification you made to your car: Last week—it never ends.

Last advice Tim Gavin gave you: Gavin doesn’t really give me any advice. He just makes a lot of threats.

Last drink you ordered: I think it was called a Bora Bora.

Last time you were on a computer: Every night. This whole MySpace thing took over my life.

Last famous person you saw: Well, is Paul (Rodriguez) famous?

Last phone number you saved in your cell: Mike Burnett’s.

Last time you got in trouble: When I first got my license, my friends and I used to throw stuff out at other cars. Eventually we got caught. I just wish it didn’t have to end with eight cops aiming guns at all of us.

Last meal you cooked for yourself: Last month in Spain—I learned how to cook a grilled cheese.

Last mountain you snowboarded: Bear Mountain.

Last item you charged on the credit card: Last week when I made the new modification to the car.

Last time you were motivated: When my friend Chris (Anderson) came down from Kentucky.

Last luxury you treated yourself to: Sushi’s about as luxurious as I get.

Last non-skate-related vacation you went on: It’s been years. Probably before I started skating.

Last dotted line you had to sign: The credit-card receipt from Pitcrew (car shop).

Last time you skated with Rob Dyrdek: It’s been a while. Ever since he started hanging out with Big Black, he hasn’t really been calling me.

Last magazine you read: TransWorld—Last Words with Jason Lee.

Last free tickets you got: Girl premiere.

Last heavy-metal album you bought: Metallica—about seven years ago.

Last thing you did to kill time: Went to sleep.

Last time you were over it: Australia.