Lee Matasi Memorial in Vancouver

Lee ‘Avers’ Matasi, Rest In Peace

From AntiSocial

to everyone that met, knew and loved Leefor everything that he is ,was and stands for we invite you to come and show your love and supportfor this injustice that took him from us this past weekend

“Leeside” this wednesday the 7th 3:30pm-4:30 pm The tunnel under Hastings and Hwy 1, head down Hastings, turn right at the playland gates, make your first left, go to the end and park somewhere (its right close to the Ecomm building)
also….In what seems to be the true spirit of Lee, there wil be an art showing of his work, possibly some photos and skateboard footage of Lee. Antisocial Dec 9 (FRI) 7pm

For those of you not familiar with Lee’s untimely death, you can read the story here.