LEGO Launches Skateboard Sets

Enfield, Connecticut-According to a recent press release, American toy manufacturer LEGO Company now offers LEGO Gravity Games sets.

LEGO Sports, a division of LEGO Company, sponsors six-year-old Mitchie Brusco (the youngest person to ever compete in the Gravity Games and winner of the 2002 Gravity Games Amateur Qualifying Event, and Firm Pro Bob Burnquist).

“LEGO mini figures are taking over snowboarding and skateboarding parks with the new LEGO Gravity Games sets,” says Cory Pforzheimer, assistant account executive for Ruder Finn/Switzer, LEGO Systems’ PR agency. LEGO Systems is the U.S. division of LEGO Company.

LSI is another division of the LEGO Company, a privately held firm based in Billund, Denmark. LSI announced its sponsorship of Bob Burnquist and Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Ross Powers in February at the American International Toy Fair in New York. A company press release describes the move as being: “two powerhouse strategic alliances signed for 2003.” Adding that it will solidify the company’s vested interest in the overall action-sports category “while adding authenticity to the new LEGO Gravity Games products, including skateboarding and snowboarding in 2003, in a meaningful way for children and action-sports fans.”

The sets feature transitions, picnic benches, and rails. In the words of the press release, “By using stunt sticks, kids can maneuver mini-figure skateboarders to do flips and turns with a simple touch of the hand, and push weighted snowboards for downhill speed and adventures.”

LEGO President Andrew Black says, “We’re confident that linking specific products to these athletes will enhance the product offering to consumers. and will relay the message that we’re committed to furthering the passions of the athletes and the children who admire them.”

According to LEGO, agreements with both Burnquist and Powers will span through 2004 “and include promotional appearances, special photography, on-package imagery, autographed equipment, and custom pages on the Web site.”

The LEGO skateboard sets are priced from $9.99 to $49.99 and will be available to retailers in June.-SabaLEGO Sports Alliance with Bob Burnquist and Ross Powers/2