leohomepageHaving neighbors can f—cking suck sometimes. Whether you couldn’t care less about what they do or you're the first person to leave a burning bag of poo on their doorstep, by the nature of space, someone’s bound to piss someone off. Vex the neighbor is what Leo Romero did when he first moved into his mock Spanish castle, ending with a letter full of scathing sarcasm, which he showed us in his Home Page in our May 2010 issue. Due to the same sort of space constrictions that lead to Burbs-type scenarios, we couldn't run it big enough to read, so here it is in full view, for anyone who wanted to see it in it's entirety…

“I got this note from my neighbor for being a dick when I first moved into my house. It was all sarcastic, like, ‘Buzz is someone here’s a skateboard champ. Really kool!!!” For the first two, three months, we’d party ’til five a.m., revving my bike late at night. I mean, we were being dicks. But the way they wrote the letter is hilarious.”—Leo Romero


See the rest in the May 2010 issue of TWS (the Daewon issue).