LifeValet Fundraiser Hosted by The Seller Door

“If you’re like us, then you not only wish that you could go skate with your buddies like you used to before Covid, but given all of the awful things we’re seeing on the news, you probably also wouldn’t mind contributing some good to the world while you’re at it.

This is why The Seller Door is excited to connect with Mike Cohen, owner of LifeValet and volunteer with Boards for Bros. A longtime NYC resident and recent Florida transplant, Mike used Go Skateboarding Day (even during a pandemic) to raise money to buy skateboards for kids who can’t afford them. Mike linked up with The Seller Door from Miami to explain his background with Go Skateboarding Day and how it’s a chance to give back and spread some positivity.”–Wesley Miller

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Adult GSD
The crew during a “Adult” Go Skateboarding Day lesson. Adults of all ages, even up to 72!

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