WORDS / Jeff Jewett
PHOTOS / Will Owens

The new Linda Vista Skatepark is a world-class facility and now the largest skatepark in San Diego county at nearly 35,000 square feet. The complex includes an extensive street plaza, a banked ditch zone, a flow bowl, a backyard bowl, a full-sized vert bowl, and a signature full-pipe unlike anything before it.

Built by the reputable California Skateparks organization and designed by Site Design Group, the Linda Vista facility has been deemed one of the most progressive skateparks in existence given the creativity of the design and layout which takes full advantage of the natural landscape on which it sits.

Furthermore, the skatepark has amphitheater-style seating, a water retention / bio-infiltration area integrated into the middle of the street plaza, and also features a 100' long pedestrian bridge that extends directly above the middle of the skatepark to provides onlookers a perspective that is completely unique to this park.

The Linda Vista Skatepark offers skaters every possible type of terrain to ride by optimizing the landscape of the site. More importantly, the facility was designed to accommodate all citizens – both skaters and onlookers – which has in turn created a destination for all members of the local community as well as visitors.

By way of its design, the social impact of the new Linda Vista park extends beyond the skate population and exhibits the inherent value of community parks. It is the crown jewel of San Diego's skateparks and is sure to be a iconic destination and reference point for innovative design for many years to come.

“The big Clam Bowl is awesome and buttery smooth. Great skatepark and hats off!” -Steve Caballero

“I'm claiming best park in the country right now." -Andy Mac

Jordyn Barratt, Smith Grind.

Steve Caballero, FS Five-0

You know The Muscle was there breaking in the new bowls.

Chris Russell blasting