Love Park Skate Documentary Premiere

Hundreds of skateboarders and skate activists will converge on Philadelphia1s University Of The Arts on Saturday, November 22 for the world premiere of the ON Video Winter 2004 issue, featuring Love Story — a 35-minute segment on Love Park (JFK Plaza).

Love Story covers the evolution of skateboarding at Love Park, compiling the best footage from the last decade and telling the story through interviews with some of Love’s most notable locals, as well as local activists who’vetaken up the skateboarders’ cause: Bam Margera, Ricky Oyola, Kerry Getz, Stevie Williams, Edmund Bacon, Josh Kalis, Scott Kip, Tim O’Connor, Greg Heller, and more. The rise of Love Park as a world-famous skate spot, the talent of the skaters who rode there, the conflict between skateboarders and City Hall, and the struggle to return skateboarding to Love Park are all covered, including the October 5 Free Love Park Rally.

Thanks to the help of the Skateboard Advocacy Network, Philadelphia1s own coalition of skaters1 rights advocates, ON Video is premiering the Winter 2004 issue in Philadelphia for the skaters of Love Park before rolling itout with regional premieres across the country. We encourage you to attend and to see that the campaign to open Love Park to skateboarding is still very active and has attracted worldwide attention.

Saturday, November 22, 2003
World Premiere of ON Video
Winter 2004 issue featuring
LOVE STORY – The Saga Of A Skate Landmark
University Of The Arts, Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad St., Philadelphia
7 PM
Free–all ages

“If it weren’t for all the failure in life and on your board, skating wouldn’t be anything at all.” – Julien Stranger