Go to CCS.com/Lurkathon to VOTE for the best Lurkathon Video!

They Came. They Lurked. They Ripped! March 2nd was a big day for indoor skateboarding. And one thing is for sure, these indoor skateparks are a breeding ground for the next generation of Gnar. Skateboarding is alive and well and the 10 videos submitted by each participating skatepark prove it.

The event is over but the contest is just beginning. All 10 skateparks have put together a video recapping their Lurkathon events. Now is your chance to VOTE for your favorite video. The skatepark with the most votes gets $1500 courtesy of CCS and Vans shoes. (2nd and 3rd place videos receive $300 and $200 respectively). Voting ends on Monday 18. Winner is announced on Tuesday March 19.