Machnau, Jones, & Dyet on …LOST

Got some news from the …LOST camp: Paul Machnau, Adam Dyet, and Rodney Jones will now be repping their threads. The official press release is below…

…LOST is proud to announce the addition of ADAM DYET, PAUL MACHNAU, AND RODNEY JONES to the …LOST skate teamPaul Machnau is a true working man of skateboarding. Check out Globe’s United By Fate Episode 1, you will see he’s no joke. He’s always been the guy who takes it the next level with anything he touches. With years of professional skating Paul is going to play a huge role in the development of …lost. Growing up skating in Vancouver, BC Canada, Paul now resides in Vancouver in the summers, and Orange County Ca in the winters. Paul’s been working on his signature shoe from Globe and his new movie United By Fate – Paul Machnau Episode 1 Fresh off Thrasher’s King of the Road tour with the DarkStar team, Paul is the true working man!!

Current sponsors: …LOST, Darkstar Wood and Wheels, Globe Shoes, Independent Trucks, Dakine packs, Nixon, RDS Skate Supply

ADAM DYET has come up in the last few years to where he’s now earned his belt as a professional skateboarder, On March 1st Chet Thomas, of Darkstar Skateboards, decided to turn Adam Dyet pro. Only three days later, on March 3rd Adam Dyet won his first pro contest winning $30,000 at Globe’s, Double Stack Cash Attack contest. Adam grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where he’s been skating for only eight years. With a small and tight crew in the mountains, Adam has found away to make it work.

Adam’s Current sponsors: …LOST, Darkstar Wood, Nixon, Ogio, BC Surf & Sport, Indy, Bones, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, & last but not least Green Room

RODNEY JONES of Baltimore, MD turned pro In 2002 he placed 2nd in the West 49 Canadian Skateboard Open and 3rd in the Gravity Games. ??Jones has been skateboarding and competing since he was 10 and bought his first deck for five bucks from his friend

Sponsors: Powell Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, LOST, Randoms, Airrwalk, Venture, Sun Diego Skate Shop

About …Lost Lost Clothing USA (DCC) is the domestic licensee of Lost apparel. Lost was born around ’91 or ’93 in San Clemente, California with the simple premise of not being lost in the ‘herd’ of mainstream sports but rather immersed in the surfing and skating lifestyle of southern California. Now, 14 or 16 years later, Lost continues to thrive with the brand reaching over 35 countries around the world. With team rider feedback from, Pat Duffy, Kyle Berard, Danny Fuenzalida, Jesse Fritsch, Paul Machnau, Rodney Jones and Adam Dyet Lost continues to stand out from the rest. For more info, videos, and pics of Adam Dyet, check out