Maloof Money Cup Announces Media Partnership With Alli

Looks like the MMC will be bigger in 2009, airing on NBC and MTV2. Read on for the official news:

The Maloof Money Cup (MMC) announces a media partnership with Alli, the Alliance of Action Sports, to bring MMC to NBC and MTV2. On the heels of a very successful first year, the new partnership expands the 2009 MMC broadcast coverage to 3 1/2 hours in original content, from its initial one hour of programming in 2008. This extended coverage allows MMC to better showcase the competing skaters while highlighting their histories and accomplishments in skateboarding through individual profiles during the broadcast.

“Because of the great success we had with the inaugural Maloof Money Cup, I am very excited to announce that our 2009 TV coverage has more than tripled between NBC and MTV2,” said Joe Maloof, president of Maloof Companies. “The Maloof Family is thrilled and honored to be associated with Alli, NBC and MTV. Although we will continue to maintain all creative rights and autonomy, we will work closely with Alli to continue to deliver the world’s greatest skateboarding event.”