Manik Presents Pushin’ 5

On Friday, October 13, the Blvd Gallery hosted the grand opening of Pushin’ 5. Pushin’ 5 is an art project organized by Manik Skateboards who celebrates their fifth year in business while examining the intersection of fine art, graphics, and skateboarding culture. This year at least 25 artists decorated and customized small skateboards made of wood and put them on display along with every Manik skateboard graphic ever produced and the recently released “Charles Peterson” Grunge Series by Manik as well as Peterson’s photography. Some of the other artists involved in the project were Andrew Pommier, Bigfoot, Maya Hayuk, George Estrada and Yoshi Obayashi to name a few. The show is up for another week in Seattle but stay posted for the “Pushin’ 5” Project to travel the country through cities such as L.A., New York and Portland, Oregon. For more pics and and info visit, and—Marshall “Stack” Reid

Photos by Phil Kammer (art) and Eric Green (opening).

Check the slideshow for all the pics!