Marisa Dal Santo Reclaims Gold

2007 and 2008 Gold Medal Winners Dal Santo and Steamer Battle For Queen of Women's Street Skateboarding Crown

Los Angeles, Calif. – First place in the X Games Skateboarding Street Women's finals was anybody's guess today, while skaters Elissa Steamer, Marisa Dal Santo, Lacey Baker and Alexis Sablone traded spots on the leader board after almost every run.

Going into the final round, it looked like Dal Santo, the 2007 gold medalist, might not make the podium. Then she nailed a frontside boardslide down the 12-stair rail to bring her into third place, followed by a frontside lipslide down the rail, to vault her into first.

Last year's gold medalist, skate legend, and crowd favorite, Elissa Steamer, skated ferociously, but was overpowered by first time X Games competitor Alexis Sablone, who knocked Steamer into third with her equally powerful skateboarding.

Sablone is making a triumphant comeback to the world of skateboarding after disappearing from the scene for a few years to focus on college. She brought the crowd of X Games spectators in the stands and male skateboarding peers lounging on the street course to a roar by landing a kickflip down the 12-stair, followed by a 50-50 down the 12-stair rail.

"I don't worry about beating Elissa," said Dal Santo, when asked about how hard it was to defeat the four-time gold medalist who forced Dal Santo to take silver in 2008. "She's my friend. I like skating with her. We just come out here and do our thing, and today it just worked out for me."

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